Discuss the claim that in the modern world people should care more about international than national issues

YES: Increasingly urgent challenges in modernity that affect humanity as a whole make it imperative for people to prioritize our awareness and concerns regarding international issues over national ones.    

  1. International issues that arise or are unfolding may potentially undermine the well-being of a nation, making it a practical concern for people to care about these issues and even direct their attention to resolving them.

  2. Some international issues have moral implications which demand the attention of people everywhere on the basis of our common humanity and we have a moral obligation to address them, since ignoring them in favor of national issues undermines our own sense of human dignity and worth.

  3. A variety of international issues are rooted in the meaningful interactions between nations and international institutions and it is useful for people to care about and attend to them first as doing so facilitates the long-term viability and value of the nation within the international political system. 

NO: Many challenges in modernity which affect people have their origins in national issues rather than international ones, making it sensible for us to prioritize and locate our concerns within the former over the latter.    

  1. Some international issues may be geographically or culturally remote and have at most a negligible effect on the well-being of a nation, making it practical for people to ignore it or deprioritize it in favor of resolving more immediate national concerns.

  2. A variety of national issues are urgent moral challenges that a society must prioritize and address to ensure the long-term viability of the nation, over international ones that may be less urgent or severe in their consequences.

  3. Some international issues are rooted in exploitative or destructive relationships between nations and the international community, making it a wiser choice for people to downplay their role in these issues and focus instead on addressing national issues.