How far is it acceptable for technology to be used only for financial benefit?

YES: Some highly acceptable grounds exist to direct technology to purely financial gains despite the moral and social implications generated by such actions.

  1. Some forms of technology are developed for the sole purpose of generating financial benefits for corporations and it is practical in most cases to use the technology as it is intended.

  2. Technological advances may have been funded by governments for the purpose of developing particular economic sectors and industries and utilizing these technologies solely to extract financial or economic benefits enables governments to exercise financial accountability to the public.

  3. Modern economic life thrives on encouraging and rewarding innovation and it is legally and ethically justifiable for entrepreneurial individuals to develop and sell technological processes or products that appeal to consumer demands for the sole purpose of generating financial benefits for themselves. 


NO: It is highly unacceptable to limit technological usage to raising financial benefits and well-being, given the many equally pressing societal challenges which demand the proper use and deployment of technology.  

  1. Technological innovations may bring corporations financial benefits at the expense of the environment or social well-being, making it highly immoral or unethical for these corporations to solely focus on profit-generation.

  2. Products which demand constant technological innovation may be public goods that the masses are entitled to and it would be immoral for corporations to limit access of these products to the rich or influential on the sole basis of maximizing profits.

  3. Technological advances funded by the government may often be in sectors or industries related to national security, making it impractical and unwise for such products to be sold purely for profit at the expense of undermining national security.

  4. Technologically savvy individuals or groups may use their talents to generate financial benefits and profits solely for themselves through highly unjustifiable and illegal methods that harm innocents.