How important is it to save plant and animal species which are in danger of extinction?

YES: Plant and animal species in danger of extinction present a diverse range of opportunities and threats which humanity must address in our continued quest for survival and progress today, making it imperative that we save them.   

  1. It is highly practical to preserve endangered plant and animal species with economic value to them as doing so ensures their sustainable utilization by both present and future generations.

  2. Some endangered plant and animal species possess important features and capacities which humanity can tap on for scientific innovations, making their preservation imperative to human progress.

  3. The destruction of some endangered plant and animal species may lead to irreversible ecological consequences that greatly harm humanity, making their preservation a vital task that should be carried out without delay.

  4. From the philosophical perspective, some would argue humanity’s position as the planet’s dominant species implies an important and unavoidable ethical responsibility as stewards of the natural environment to preserve endangered plant and animal species.

NO: The threats posed to humanity by endangered plant and animal species may be significant but pale in comparison to other major societal challenges, making it less urgent to save them.

  1. The costs that may be potentially incurred by preserving endangered plant and animal species may be economically prohibitive for some communities or countries and it may be more vital to direct resources towards the more pressing need for development. 

  2. As they may already be past the point of preservation, ruthless pragmatists may argue that we should not expend resources disproportionately on preserving some plant and animal species out of emotional sentimentality and attachment to them.


The inherent worth of preserving endangered plant and animal species to humanity requires students to take a moral and practical position in favor of supporting the statement.

 It is challenging and inadvisable for students to favor the view that preserving endangered plant and animal species should not be undertaken at all or only marginally since this undermines most people’s conventional and sensible understanding of the issue.

 Thus, in cases where the topic or issue is of inherent worth to humanity, I would advise students to utilize the ‘exception to the norm’ rule in arguing why some unusual circumstances or constraints may compel society to de-prioritize the issue.

 Thus, you affirm a morally and practically sound position as a whole while demonstrating the ability to empathize with other potentially controversial and contentious positions.