In the digital age do newspapers still have a role in your society?

YES: The digital age has provided newspapers in Singapore with many opportunities to both continue their traditional roles and expand on non-traditional ones.

  1. Mainstream Singaporean newspapers have developed online platforms, such as STOMP! and Forum Online which appeal to digital age natives’ desire to both read and contribute news content.

  2. Despite the proliferation of online content, many Singaporeans retain the habit and preference of reading hard copies of mainstream newspapers, thereby sustaining newspaper sales.

  3. Achieving a viable presence in cyberspace has become relatively easier for many amateur reporters and independent news publications in the digital age, thereby providing appreciative Singaporean readers with a whole range of news sites catering to different interests. 

NO: The digital age has presented newspapers in Singapore with many insurmountable challenges to their traditional roles, threatening their long-term relevance to society.

  1. The online platforms of mainstream Singaporean newspapers have become overused by readers to comment on trivial matters, making them less relevant to serious readers. 

  2. The proliferation of new online platforms which produce news in a non-traditional format or style, such as lifestyle blogs, appeal more to the masses, drawing many time-strapped readers away from traditional newspapers even when they have an online presence.

  3. The digital age provides a whole range of entertainment, interactive and enrichment activities on the internet, drawing many away from reading newspapers either offline or online, thereby making them increasingly irrelevant to our lives.