Should people be allowed to have children by artificial means?


YES: Artificial conception and birth should be allowed on a variety of grounds congruent with modern sensibilities and trends.


  1. For couples facing difficulties in conceiving children, artificial conception represent a pragmatic and safe means to do so and affirm their natural and human rights to raise a family.

  2. Countries which face severe population replacement challenges may have the incentive to allow or even encourage conception by artificial means, especially if such methods allow safe conception for more couples who may have entered into marriage at a more mature age when natural conception may be biologically unwise.

  3. In more liberal societies, artificial means enable individuals to conceive and raise children outside the boundaries of traditional marriage, thereby reaffirming the liberal ethos.

NO:  Artificial conception and birth may need to be discouraged or even disallowed as it challenges many cherished societal norms and institutions or presents grave risks to the individuals concerned.

  1. Artificial means to induce conception may not necessarily lead to safe births and laws may have to be enacted to prohibit couples from doing so as they may endanger their own health in the process of using such methods.

  2. There are other non-medical alternatives to having and raising children, such as through adoption, which make artificial conception less morally compelling and difficult for society to accept. 

  3. Allowing or even encouraging artificial conception at a societal level is ethically problematic as it may easily cross the line from population management to eugenics, with state involvement in deciding those eligible for such treatments.

  4. Even the most liberal societies will have conservative elements with morally and ethically sound reasons to reject artificial conception and birth, making such methods unacceptable to society.

  5. Liberal societies may be too permissive in allowing artificial conception and birth to the point that individuals abuse the privilege in the pursuit of selfish desires.