‘The world today would be a better place if more political leaders were women.’ What is your view?

YES: Having more female political leaders makes the world a better place as they possess attitudes and capabilities that enables humanity to overcome major international and national challenges that have thus far been poorly addressed by male-dominant political leadership.  

  1. In political systems plagued by intractable ideological conflicts, women leaders may demonstrate a pragmatic approach centered on compromise, thereby resolving these issues and paving the way to both national and international stability.  

  2. The female biology may predispose women leaders towards developing attributes that help them address increasingly complex economic challenges in government more sensitively than their male counterparts.

  3. Social problems involving the marginalization of disadvantaged groups may often be solved through empowering women and bringing about gender equality which female leaders may be more inclined to pursue. 

NO: Major international and national challenges are highly complex in nature and having more women leaders may not necessarily help improve the world since they may not be more adept than male-dominant political leadership in solving these challenges.     

  1. Women leaders, like their male counter-parts, may be constrained by their own ideological obligations and biases, making it unlikely for them to improve or resolve deep-seated political conflicts plaguing their countries and which have wider regional ramifications.
  2. Despite inherent attributes to leadership granted by biology, female leaders are as equally constrained by complex modern day economic challenges and similar to their male counterparts, are unable to address them well.
  3. Some social problems which marginalize disadvantaged groups may in fact be aggravated by female leaders who erroneously embark on the empowerment of women to the exclusion of other possible and more viable solutions that male leaders may more likely utilize.