‘Unlike the Arts, such as writing or music, Mathematics lacks the capacity for creativity.’ How far do you agree with this statement?

YES: Unlike the Arts, Mathematics emphasizes methodical approaches to understanding nature and humanity, making creativity unappreciated and under-utilized as both a process and outcome within the discipline. 

  1. At the most basic levels of the discipline, mathematics requires the methodical application of fixed theories to help the young understand basic phenomena and incorporating creativity as practiced in the Arts may in fact undermine these learning outcomes.

  2. Some of the more economically useful applications of mathematics function on the basis of rigorous attention to detail and incorporating processes more common to the Arts will merely reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of their outcomes.

  3. At the highest levels of research and development in the field, mathematics requires that practitioners sacrifice the subjective perceptions often associated with creativity in the Arts in favor of purely objective perceptions designed to bring about desirable outcomes.

NO: Similar to the Arts, Mathematics increasingly employs creativity as both a process and desired outcome within the discipline to elucidate greater understanding of nature and humanity.         

  1. Increasingly, educational systems today incorporate concepts and teaching methods traditionally observed in the Arts, thereby encouraging the young to understand mathematical theories and phenomena through the development of their creative capacities. 

  2. With the growing complexity and integration of disciplines in the knowledge-based economy today, the incorporation of creativity more often observed in the Arts is increasingly required in various practical applications mathematics.

  3. At the highest levels of research and development in the field, mathematics requires its experts and practitioners to synthesize their cognitive and intuitive capacities, which is often an intellectual action more commonly observed amongst practitioners in the Arts.