‘Air travel should be promoted, not discouraged.’ To what extent do you agree?

YES: The advantages of promoting air travel are immeasurable, justifying efforts to increase and improve both its practice and the aviation industry.

  1. Air travel should be promoted as it contributes immensely to economic growth by generating employment and trade opportunities in many industries, including aviation, aeronautics and tourism.   

  2. The speed of air travel makes it an efficient and suitable mode of personal transport across vast distances, and should be promoted as it facilitates time-saving and convenience for many.

  3. We should encourage air travel as the development of runways, airports and roads leading to them from population centers provide a vital infrastructural resource for relief operations in times of national emergency, such as natural disasters.

NO: Promoting air travel exacerbates its many inherent problems or creates new ones, thereby justifying our efforts to discourage both its practice and the aviation industry.

  1. Air travel causes a high degree of environmental pollution and degradation that far outweighs its economic benefits, making its reduction appealing to some countries.

  2. Despite its speed and efficiency, the increasing volume and scale of air travel globally leads to many personal inconveniences including longer queue times and potential health hazards, and we should discourage air-travel until the aviation industry addresses these issues comprehensively.

  3. Global political developments make air travel potentially hazardous to our personal security, such asvulnerability and exposure to terrorist attacks and air travel should be minimized for many in high-risk areas exposed to more of such threats.

Author’s Note

 This question closely resembles 2002’s question number 10 ‘Air travel creates more problems than benefits.’ Is this a fair comment?’.

 I have adapted the substantial points for that essay to the parameters of the question here.