Assess the impact of foreign films or foreign TV programs on the culture of your country

YES: Foreign films and TV programs have generated great changes and impact on various aspects of Singaporean culture which have been receptive to their influence.

  1. Foreign films and TV programs with more liberal content have greatly influenced the ethics of young Singaporeans, normalizing behavior and conventions that were previously rejected as unacceptable or unconventional.  

  2. The easy availability of foreign films and TV programs on a variety of platforms, including more movie theatres and internet downloading sites, have led many Singaporeans to spend more leisure time on them, potentially affectivity productivity at both the workplace and in school.

  3. Foreign films and TV programs with highly attractive leads or compelling narratives have created a wide range of sub-cultures amongst Singaporeans, such as fan clubs and interest groups.

  4. Foreign films and TV programs that stress on global concerns and issues, such as animal rights, have significantly alerted Singaporeans to them, spurring greater public awareness and activism on these issues.

NO: Foreign films and TV programs have not generated significant changes and impact on most aspects of Singaporean culture, which remain impermeable to their influence.

  1. Various societal institutions, including schools and the family unit, remain effective in nurturing Singaporean youths with a more conventional approach to ethics, reducing the impact of adverse liberal content in foreign films and programs, even as they remain entertained by them.

  2. By and large, Singaporeans remain pragmatic in their lives and the pursuit of goals, limiting the viewing of foreign films and TV programs to reasonable durations and self-regulated leisure times.

  3. The growth of subcultures arising from well-received foreign films and TV programs is undeniable but their impact is largely limited to youths, who eventually discard these fads and trends when they mature into young adulthood and assume its responsibilities.

  4. Foreign films and TV programs with either educational or activist content are initially compelling for Singaporeans but do not sustain public interest for long as many prefer to limit their personal involvement in such issues.