Can space research be justified nowadays?

YES: Space research brings many benefits to both humanity and some nations, thereby justifying its initiation or continuation today.

  1. The research processes and technological breakthroughs of space research have provided innovative solutions to many problems presently experienced in the medical, communications and transport fields, thereby justifying the high cost associated with it. 

  2. Space research provides platforms for countries to develop viable space programs, gaining both international prestige and strategic advantages upon their success, thereby justifying the use of important national resources in finance, manpower and infrastructure.

  3. Space research synthesizes the various branches of scientific specialization, including astrophysics, aeronautics and engineering into a cohesive and singular project, arguably demonstrating and affirming our commitment to continuous scientific discovery in the modern age.  

  4. Space research may be undertaken at an international level by a coalition of nations, making such programs highly justifiable to facilitating international cooperation and peace in a world presently divided by ideological concerns.

NO: Space research is of questionable value to both humanity and some nations, making its initiation or continuation today a dubious rather than justifiable undertaking.

  1. The innovative solutions to other fields made by space research are accidental rather than deliberate and could have been pioneered independently given our present levels of technological development, making the high cost of space research unjustifiable for many nations.

  2. The more countries recognize the international prestige and strategic advantages to be gained from successful space research, the more likely they will engage in rivalry and see the conquest of space as a means to dominate others,  making space research inimical to the present international security landscape.

  3. The resources spent in pooling the different scientific specializations into space research projects can arguably be better allocated to scientific specializations, such as green technology or medicinethat have more practical applications to humanity’s present problems.

  4. The governments participating in international space research programs may have committed to them despite objections from their populations or other pressing domestic problems, thereby making space research an unjustifiable and ethically controversial problem in our increasingly democratized societies.

Author’s Note

 This highly specialized question has an additional key word ‘nowadays’ which further complicates students’ response approaches.

 For questions with the ‘nowadays’ clause, I would advise that you focus on linking present day developments to the main topic in a relevant and appropriate way in your paragraphs