‘Contemporary music has no artistic value.’ Is this a fair comment?

YES: Contemporary music is mostly devoid of artistic value and based on questionable production practices and values.

  1. Much of contemporary music is produced commercially for the masses and the competition amongst major industry labels leads to poorly written and performed music. 

  2. Some popular musicians who write or perform contemporary music may not have the genuine talent or skill to do so properly, leading to a lower artistic standard.

  3. The themes associated with contemporary music mostly reflect superficial or shallow concerns, vastly reducing any potential artistic merit even for well-written or performed pieces.

  4. Many adaptations of past masterpieces today incorporate dubious musical processes or techniques, destroying the beauty of the original products and replacing them with highly artistically suspect ones.

NO: The practices and values informing contemporary music are authentic and well-developed, ensuring genuinely high levels of artistic endeavor and performance.

  1. The high degree of competition amongst major industry labels leads to constant invention and creativity in the writing and performing of contemporary music, elevating its merit to reasonable and occasionally high levels of artistic value.

  2. More often than not, musicians of contemporary music possess genuine talent and skill, creating and performing music with high artistic value.

  3. The themes associated with contemporary music occasionally reflect important cultural or social concerns, greatly enhancing its artistic merit and educational value.

  4. Adaptations of past masterpieces are potentially new masterpieces in the making as contemporary musicians today take effort and care in building upon the aesthetic considerations and values of the original, creating new works that are artistically valuable on their own merits.