Does the presence of a foreign power ever help a country with problems?

YES: Foreign powers are useful to helping countries solve problems under a range of carefully assessed conditions and circumstances.

  1. In conflict-ridden countries facing a breakdown of law, order and security, the intervention of foreign powers can help stabilize the situation, provided it is done with the appropriate levels of planning and implementation.

  2. Foreign economic powers in the form of multinational corporations and their investments can potentially help in the economic recovery and growth of poor countries facing various economic problems they have difficulty dealing with on their own.

  3. In cases of national emergency or crisis, the provision of aid and humanitarian relief efforts by foreign powers are vital to helping countries overcome the problems in a more effective manner. 

NO: Foreign powers are often or always aggravating agents to countries with problems due to ulterior motives or despite their best intentions.

  1. Poor planning and implementation of interventionist measures by foreign powers often aggravate rather than resolve the breakdown of law, order and security in conflict-ridden countries.

  2. Multinational corporations are often profit-driven and profit-maximizing entities and their presence in countries often worsen the deplorable economic conditions when they collude with local elites in exploiting the poor and economically vulnerable.

  3. Some national emergencies or crises may be long-term in nature, stretching the provision of aid into the long-term and creating dependence in foreign powers that are ultimately damaging to the country’s long-term interests.