‘Fashion is as much a good thing as a bad thing.’ To what extent do you agree?

YES: Fashion is indispensable as it fulfills several important societal roles.

  1. The fashion industry generates high numbers of employment and enormous commercial benefits for both the local and global economies, making it vital to modern commerce even as it attracts criticisms about encouraging materialism.

  2. Fashion is driven by style icons and trend setters such as celebrities, who provide the masses with ideas and insights on wearing or using fashion products to their best effect and presenting ourselves well in public.

  3. Fashion can serve as an instrument of social change and transformation when fashion labels adopt ethical practices and corporate social responsibility in the production and delivery of their goods, effectively making consumers participate in worthy causes through the act of buying and using fashion products.

NO: Fashion is marginal or peripheral to our well-being as it undermines societal well-being in various ways.  

  1. The constant need for fashion to reinvent itself creates artificial fads and trends that encourage materialism in consumers, leading to a throw-away culture that buys and wastes excessive quantities of fashion apparel.

  2. Many fashion choices and trends either espouse dubious aesthetic values or are deliberately manipulated by style icons for their own commercial success, making any insights we gain from them superficial at best and harmful to our health or self-esteem if we are unselective in following them.

  3. Fashion may perpetuate various forms of social injustice, such as child labor, when fashion labels fail to provide sufficient regulation and oversight into the production and delivery of their goods, implicating consumers who become accomplices to the act of exploitation.