How important are dreams?

YES: Dreams are highly essential to providing inspiration and vision for the fulfillment of many human activities and societal transformations.  

  1. In countries facing oppression by the state, the dreams of political visionaries are the basis of political revolutions or challenges to the existing order, paving the way for politicaltransformation.

  2. Many activists and advocates of various worthwhile social causes constantly face immense obstacles when carrying out their work, making their dreams vital to preserving the hope and persistence needed to achieve their goals.

  3.   Achieving personal and professional success in life often entails staying true to one’s dreams and persisting in the face of challenges and difficulties.

  4. Literal dreams may be reflections of one’s deepest hopes, fears and concerns in waking life, making them immensely useful to understanding and addressing our psychological and emotional health.

NO: Dreams are either unrealizable in actual life or provide many questionable visions that put human well-being at risk, making it less needed or essential to human experience.

  1. The dreams of political visionaries may only be realized with the use of violence, agitation of the masses or other forms of extreme ideological confrontation, and their cost in lives and property may be unacceptable.

  2. Besides passion for the cause, many worthwhile activist and advocacy causes are only realizable when we apply pragmatism and rationality to them, and zealous visionaries may ignore this fact, thereby jeopardizing the cause rather than aiding it. 

  3. Some dreams of personal and professional success may require the sacrificing of one’s values and ethics, or other irreplaceable aspect of personal well-being such as one’s health, ultimately making the fulfillment of such dreams less worthwhile or acceptable.

  4. Literal dreams may reflect peripheral hopes, fears and concerns or merely replay random events that have occurred in our daily life, making them less useful in understanding and addressing our psychological and emotional well-being.