‘Mass production inevitably means a loss of craftsmanship and quality.’ Is this true of your society?

YES: The advent and ubiquity of mass production in Singapore brings about many questionable practices and processes that lower the craftsmanship and quality of many products. 

  1. Mass production replaces the craftsmanship vital to many distinctive Singaporean products, reducing their overall quality and suitability for consumers. 

  2. Mass production negates the need for the intensive apprenticeship and knowledge transmission process of various crafts and skills, leading to their erosion and eventual disappearance from Singaporean culture.

  3. Mass production leads to products that are invariably homogenous in features, usage and appearance, provoking many similar uninspired imitators in a competitive market.

NO: The advent and ubiquity of mass production in Singapore brings about many positive developments that retain or raise the craftsmanship and quality of many products.  

  1. Many distinctively Singaporean products remain impervious to mass production as popular demand for them continues to be strong, ensuring a unique economic niche of small-scale businesses which retain standards in their design and production.

  2. Many master craftsmen or experts in a variety of fields have taken to using mass production, and instruct their younger peers in synthesizing modern technology with traditional methods of producing unique and well-made goods more readily.

  3. Many modern day products may be mass produced but their initial conceptualization and design are well-thought and skillfully made, ensuring that quality is not compromised despite large production volumes.