‘Only educated people should have the right to vote in elections.’ What is your view?

YES: Educated people present many strengths which make them more suitable as voters, compared to the uneducated or less educated who are either unqualified or less qualified voters.

  1. Educated voters are more capable of making informed decisions and elect themost suitable parties and candidates to serve the national interest.

  2. Restricting the vote to educated citizens reflects accurately the traditional and classical basis of democracy, such as that practiced by the Greeks, where voting was a privilege for citizens capable of exercising judgment and responsibility.


NO: It is simplistic to assume that only educated people make effective voters as there are many factors which favor giving all citizens voting rights, regardless of educational levels.

  1. Educated voters, like all other citizens, are rational and self-interested individuals, and may choose to elect parties and candidates who represent their elite interests rather than the interests of the nation as a whole.

  2. It is simplistic to assume that education confers effective voting skills as good political judgment can be exercised by supposedly uneducated citizens who keep themselves informed and apprised of political developments.

  3. Humanity has expanded in both its numbers and complexity of political interactions, making classical notions of restricting the vote to educated and qualified citizens an impractical proposal.

  4. Uneducated citizens are entitled to their rights as much as educated citizens and a country that restricts voting to the later group undermines its own attempts to develop a truly fair and equitable society.