‘Only modern architecture and modern art have a place in today’s world.’ How true is this of your society?

YES: Societal conditions in Singapore make modern architecture and modern art much more relevant than art from other time periods in reflecting and influencing society.

  1. Commercially, modern architecture and modern art are more popular amongst affluent Singaporean buyers and command correspondingly higher prices, leading more to invest in them compared to works from other periods.

  2. Due to the demands of urbanization and maximization of public spaces, government bodies have regrettably replaced many buildings featuring traditional architectural styles or heritage value with modern imitations, leaving the cityscape with a largely modernized but sanitized aesthetic.

  3. Given its vast potential for experimentation and individual expression, the younger generation of Singaporean artists devote their creative efforts and endeavors into exploring modern art to the exclusion of other forms.

NO: Architecture and art from all time periods and styles are relevant to Singapore as they all reflect and influence society in their unique, irreplaceable ways.

  1. The commercial popularity of modern architecture and art is largely due to savvy publicity and perceptions shaped by architects and artists.

  2.  With increasing affluence to indulge in both areas, more Singaporeans have expanded their property and art purchases to include a broad range of stylistic influences apart from the modern period.

  3. Recognizing public concern and feedback over the loss of traditional architecture, government bodies have put in more effort in recent years to preserve select buildings boasting such features, thereby ensuring a more stylistically balanced cityscape.

  4. With age and maturity, Singaporean artists revisit other forms of art and no longer focus exclusively on modern art, continuing significantly to the enrichment and diversification of aesthetic styles and forms in the local arts scene.