Should a love of one’s country still be encouraged?

YES: Love of one’s country should be encouraged today as many of our desired societal conditions and goals are best served by it. 

  1. With economic globalization, talented and skilled workers are increasingly sought after by foreign employers and enticed to emigrate, making patriotism a vital asset for countries to stem the talent outflow. 

  2. Increased rates and inflow of immigrants into some countries make the instilling of patriotism and a shared identity with native citizens through integration programs vital to national cohesion.

  3. Love of one’s country, when properly taught through education, develops in youths civic virtues that are essential to nurturing the next generation of citizens who are both concerned and committed to improving the nation’s well-being.

  4. In sports, love of one’s country should be encouraged through the development of national sports teams and public support of them, as doing so moulds the national identity through citizens’ identification of the country’s heroes and role models.

NO: Love of one’s country should not be encouraged today as it undermines many of our desired societal conditions and objectives.

  1. While patriotism is noble, it should not be encouraged if it demands excessive sacrifices from individuals and causes them to lose too many opportunities to improve the economic well-being and material lives of themselves and their families.

  2. For immigrant communities, the love of one’s home country should be discouraged if it causes individuals to carry out cultural or ideological actions that violate the laws and interests of their new home countries, as doing so violates the trust and hospitality shown to them.

  3. In some nations, love of one’s country may be taught through propaganda and indoctrination of the young in schools, and should be discouraged as it unfairly manipulates their ethical universe to serve the ideological demands of the state.

  4. Love of one’s country in sports is inherently volatile and should be discouraged as it fosters zealous behavior in citizens which can degenerate into sports hooliganism and violence during international sporting events, thereby undermining the universal values of integrity and fair play which sports promote.