‘The key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine.’ How far do you agree?

YES: The key to good health is mainly determined by positive lifestyle practices and decisions rather than the use of medicine.

  1. With proper exercise and diet, most individuals can achieve good health and enjoy a longer lifespan, utilizing medication only occasionally rather than exposing oneself to illness on a regular basis.

  2. Individuals who actively stay clear of activities or vices harmful to one’s physical health, such as excessive smoking or drinking, are less susceptible to many illnesses that accompany modern life and consumption.

  3. Given modernity’s many possibilities for setbacks in life, individuals who can accept failure positively and recover from them are more likely to enjoy emotional and psychological well-being.   

  4. In matters of public health, the physical well-being of many citizens can be collectively shaped and improved through effective government intervention and programs promoting citizens to adopt healthy lifestyles.

NO: Good health may largely be the result of proper access to and use of medicine due to various unusual but relevant circumstances.

  1. Some forms of illness are inevitable with aging and other factors beyond one’s control, such as falling prey to hereditary diseases, and medication alongside more drastic medical procedures is needed to combat the illness.

  2. For individuals who have become addicted to activities or vices detrimental to good health, medication may be needed to reduce and hopefully eliminate dependency on the substance, rather than relying on lifestyle choices which may prove too mild in overcoming the dependency.

  3. Poor emotional and psychological health, such as clinical depression or attention deficit disorder, may be attributable to medical conditions which only medical intervention can manage, and it is impractical to assume that solely adopting a positive mindset will solve the them.

  4. Some exceptional conditions outside immediate government control can occasionally surface, such as epidemics, requiring medical intervention at the national level can effectively solve.