‘There is no such thing as luck. People determine their own lives.’ Do you agree?

YES: Success in life and many areas of human endeavor arise from our choices and decisions rather than luck or other fortuitous circumstances.

  1. Many individuals succeed in their professional careers through a combination of personal fortitude, insight and mastery of related skills despite initial disadvantages or severe handicaps.

  2. Positive political developments and outcomes are influenced to a large degree by effective governance, and it is morally duplicitous for incompetent officials or leaders to blame bad luck for policy failures.

  3. Success in personal relationships arise when individuals take the necessary effort to nurture them and it is irresponsible for us to blame failed relationships on highly subjective and luck-related factors such as lack of chemistry or affinity.

NO: Success in life and some areas of human endeavor may arise from our choices and decisions but the presence of fortuitous circumstances or events can provide a significant edge.

  1. In some professions like sports and music, success is attributable to a combination of skills and talent, which is arguably a matter of luck and the attributes one is born with.

  2. Despite their best efforts, honest and competent government officials may face factors outside their control, such as unpredictable and bad weather or fluctuations in global trade which derail well-planned economic policies.

  3. Modern science has proven that many successful personal relationships in marriage or romantic attachments are built upon various complex biological and chemical processes, such as compatible pheromone reactions between couples, which then renders it a matter of natural selection and luck rather than deliberate and successful human action.