Does modern technology always improve the quality of people’s lives?

YES: Modern technology always improves the quality of our lives across a spectrum of human activities and interactions as it provides beneficial options and applications which were previously unavailable.

  1. Developments in medicine have consistently elevated the quality of healthcare available to humanity, reducing our exposure to previously fatal medical conditions and increasing our range of options available in living more medically fit lives.

  2. Technology has consistently improved our ability to achieve higher levels of communication and physical mobility unavailable to previous generations, facilitating the optimal use of scarce time resources.

  3. Technologies centered on military security and law enforcement have been utilized by countries to reduce their exposure and vulnerability to enemies both within and across borders, making life safer for many citizens.

NO: Modern technology does not always improve our lives and may in fact bring about harmful consequences as it introduces new and unforeseen complications.

  1. Despite its many advantages, developments in medicine can aggravate existing social problems, bringing unpredictable complications that potentially reduce our quality of life and health.

  2. The flipside of time-saving and mobility-enhancing technologies should not be downplayed as they have brought unintended problems that undermine or threaten a vast range of our social interactions, including family bonds, work-life balance issues and personal stress.

  3. The usefulness of security technologies cannot be separated from political developments and many countries remain exposed or even more so with their use, as such technologies either intensify retaliation by a country’s enemies or are duplicated and used against them.