‘Entrepreneurship is just another name for personal greed.’ How far do you agree?

YES: Entrepreneurship is merely a means for capitalism and the profit motive to thrive in the modern world.

  1. Most entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to acquire wealth and profit at all costs and the popular ethos of this group centers on doing so as quickly as one can.

  2. The widely publicized stories of young and financially successful entrepreneurs draws many youths to entrepreneurship, who fantasize about how much they will earn from their business ventures, many of which are financially dubious or commercially unviable.

  3. Successful entrepreneurs often develop and head corporations that exert a high degree of global economic influence, inevitably catalyzing a cycle of exploitation and marginalization of the economically disempowered.

NO: Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of many positive values associated with modernity which go beyond greed and the acquisition of material wealth.

  1. Many entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to bring their business ideas and innovations to fruition as a matter of personal pride rather than greed, often taking great personal and financial risks in the process of doing so.

  2. Many youths are inspired by successful entrepreneurs and their business ideas often build upon existing models or address gaps in them, reflecting a class of creative and intellectually engaged rather than selfish individuals obsessed with wealth alone. 

  3. Successful entrepreneurs recognize the hardships faced by the economically disempowered as many of them have come from similar backgrounds, and their great commercial success provides them with the resources and influence needed to engage in acts of philanthropy to improve the welfare of this group.