How far is your country prepared for future crises?

YES: Singapore is prepared to a large extent for future crises due to judicious policies and a broad range of favorable societal conditions.

  1. Singapore’s government has put in place various measures emphasizing the continued sharpening of our economic and industrial competitiveness to adequately address future economic crises.

  2. The looming aging population crisis and its associated problems have been identified to a fair degree and improvements to infrastructure and public programs have been put in place to address it in a more prepared and effective manner.

  3. The educational system and civic society organizations have collectively generated a high degree of rootedness and social capital in youths, making Singapore more prepared to keep its talent in the global future where talent outflow features as a prominent and recurrent crisis for many countries.

NO: Singapore is largely unprepared for future crises due to poor policies and exposure to a broad range of unfavorable societal conditions.

  1. Singapore’s dependence on global economic developments makes it perpetually vulnerable to shifts in global trade which no economic policy can fully address, leaving many Singaporean workers exposed and unprepared for the problems such crises bring.

  2. Measures to address the aging population crisis focus on providing for the well-being of elderly citizens in the future but have been largely unsuccessful in addressing the root cause of a declining birth rate.

  3. The high degree of rootedness and social capital possessed by the young is nullified by presently escalating factors, such as rising cost of living, which make Singapore’s exposure to the future talent outflow crisis a disproportionately high one.