Is effective farming possible without science?

YES: Effective farming is possible in some ways without the extensive use of science.

  1. Effective farming is possible without the use of modern science and technology if it is limited in scale and provides only basic levels of subsistence to a small community, such as villagers in primitive indigenous tribes.

NO: Effective farming is dependent on the use of science from its most basic to its most advanced applications.

  1. Most modern methods of farming rely on the extensive use of science and technological innovations such as genetic modification and sowing of seeds by robots to maximize yields and meet global levels of demand for food.

  2. Many aspects of modern farming incorporate generations of scientific knowledge on animal and plant biology, such as the selective breeding of prize animals.

  3. In countries where landscapes or geographical features are hostile to farming, effective farming is only possible when intensive human labor is combined with scientifically proven methods of altering the natural landscape, such as multi-level hill terraces in the Philippines.