‘Medical science has been so successful that people now expect too much of it.’ Discuss

YES: Medical science has advanced rapidly and raised our positive expectations of it to an unsustainable point.

  1. Advances in medical science have provided cures to many diseases and good health is now taken for granted by many individuals, who mistakenly believe that undergoing medication or medical procedures can replace healthy living. 

  2. Various aspects of medical science in aesthetic and elective surgery have progressed to unprecedented levels, encouraging many individuals to utilize such procedures excessively in search of physical perfection, displacing traditional wellness and values centered upon natural beauty and positive self-image.

  3. Some highly publicized and profiled incidents of advanced medical intervention, such as the separation of conjoined twins or complete facial reconstruction, are mistakenly assumed by the public to be the norm rather than exception in medical science.

NO: Medical science may have advanced rapidly but society remains grounded and realistic about its possibilities and limitations.

  1. Many medical institutions and associations have educated the public sufficiently, such that many advanced medical procedures are duly regarded as life-saving interventions rather than substitutes for healthy living.

  2. The public maintains a fair degree of skepticism and wariness towards the more dubious developments in aesthetic surgery and understands their risks, undertaking them only in exceptional rather than whimsical circumstances.

  3. Many advances in medical science, such as cleft-lip surgery, are now routinely utilized in both economically developed and deprived conditions by medical professionals, vastly improving patients’ lives and becoming the healthcare norm that all societies can reasonably aspire towards.