To what extent do young people in your society take an interest in politics?

YES: Various societal developments and institutional causes catalyze and sustain Singaporean youths’ deep interest in politics.

  1. Educational institutions provide various opportunities, such as political forums and volunteering opportunities at meet-the-people sessions to engage Singaporean youths, making an increasing number of them interested in political developments and processes both locally and globally.

  2. More civic organizations requiring interaction with government policies have been formed in recent years, attracting many Singaporean youths and young adults to take up advocacy work championing diverse causes such as foreign workers’ rights, greater freedom of speech and government regulatory practices.

  3. Rapid economic transformations have generated many concerns amongst youths about the state of their economic well-being in the future, leading to greater youth interest and scrutiny of   related government policies.

  4. The proliferation of new and social media provide valuable platforms for many Singaporean youths to nurture a profound interest in monitoring and contributing to political discussions online, creating a more politically aware generation.

NO: Various societal conditions and institutional causes discourage Singaporean youths from taking a deep interest in politics.

  1. Opportunities to be involved with political activities may be present in many schools but Singaporean youths’ main concern remains on academic performance, making political engagement a disposable rather than core activity for many.

  2. The intensity and effort involved in advocacy work is significant and at some point, most Singaporean youths forgo it in favor of more immediate and personally relevant goals such as developing a career or starting a family.

  3. Although economic transformations have generated many concerns amongst youths, many remain confident in the strength and resilience of government policies and choose to keep only a cursory rather than profound interest in understanding the latest government policies.

  4. The proliferation of new and social media provides many refreshing entertainment and networking options for Singaporean youths, and many have their hands full exploring these options rather than engaging in online political discussions or forums.