Discuss the view that, with an increasing global need for energy, every possible source should be exploited to the full.

YES: Humanity’s expanding need for energy requires the full exploitation of every possible energy source. Nevertheless, we should do so with prudence and wisdom, deploying various technological, economic and political tools at our disposal to ensure the long-term sustainability and well-being of our species.     

  1. Some alternative forms of energy are potentially limitless and environmentally sustainable, making scientific efforts to develop means of exploiting them fully a top priority for the international community given our present and ever-increasing levels of energy consumption.
  2. The increasing demand for energy may impose political dependencies on some countries, making the full exploitation of domestically-extracted energy sources and the resulting energy independence a priority for them. The potential environmental consequences from such extraction should thus be considered fully and factored into extraction operations by the energy sector and the involved governments.
  3. The increasing global need for energy arises from the continued drive for countries to develop their economies and raise overall levels of public well-being, making the full exploitation of available energy sources critical. Full exploitation of these sources however, should be undertaken with public understanding and ethical consumerism, to ensure that usage can be more equitably spread out and deployed to more critical needs such as alleviating poverty.

NO: Humanity’s expanding need for energy may tempt us into exploiting every energy resource fully, with unmanageable impacts on the environment and our species as a whole. Thus, prudence and wisdom must be exercised on the issue and exploitation of energy sources should be carefully directed towards those sources that can ensure long-term sustainability and humanity’s well-being over those that undermine these aims.      

  1. While some alternative forms of energy may be potentially limitless and environmentally sustainable, the technological means to fully exploit them are unattainable in the short term, making it futile to do so. More effort should thus be devoted to exploiting presently available energy sources in a sustainable manner.
  2. Rather than achieving energy independence at the expense of the environment, the political challenges arising from energy dependence should be addressed through international cooperation. These efforts should incorporate equitable sharing rather than full and unsustainable exploitation of energy sources.
  3. The increasing global need for energy may be a misperception and extravagant way of life driven by consumerist culture and self-interested corporations. Thus, rather than fully exploiting every energy resource available and inducing environmental and social catastrophe in the process, more effort should be given to questioning this lifestyle at the global level. Measures to reduce our dependency on energy to fulfill this lifestyle should be undertaken, thereby stemming the pressures to exploit all energy sources fully and unsustainably.