Our Success Stories

Hi Mr Chan! Really grateful for your help in GP! I moved from a D to B!
— Tiffany, Dunman High School, B For GP (2015 A Levels)
Mr Chan was a very dedicated tutor who managed to help me improve my GP grade from a D in mid-June to an A for A Levels. He did not hesitate to hold extra consultation sessions to help my friends and I catch up. His skill sets really helped me in doing well for the A Levels. Thank you Mr Chan!
— Long Ying Jie, Dunman High School, A For GP (2015 A Levels)
Hi Mr Chan! Appreciate the dedication and how you helped me and my friends improve! I’ve got a B
— Ong Yeok Min, Dunman High School, B For GP (2015 A Levels)
Hi Mr Chan! Thanks so much for helping me secure the A for GP!
— Almond, Hwa Chong Institution, A For GP (2015 A Levels)
Hello Mr Chan. Pey Shiuan here. I have good news to share with you!!! I scored straight As for A levels, including GP!!! This was really unexpected because I wasn’t confident of scoring an A for GP. So I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me Still remember your consultations and you helping me look through my outlines through email. I wouldn’t have done this without your help and I am really grateful for your guidance. I hope many batches of students will continue to do well under your guidance. Thank you so much!!
— Tan Pey Shiuan, Hwa Chong Institution, A for GP (2015 A Levels)
I have been struggling with GP throughout my time in JC and finally decided to seek help several months shy of the national examination. At such an untimely (and stressful) juncture, Mr Chan readily took me in as his student and helped me immensely. His effective learning techniques and personal consultations attest to his dedication and passion in guiding us students. I really have to thank Mr Chan for his sincerity and willingness to tutor me, in spite of the time constraints.
— Nicolette Chua, Nanyang Junior College, A For GP (2015 A Levels)
Hi Mr Chan. Denisse here. Got A for GP! Thank you for your guidance!
— Denisse Ong, Nanyang Junior College, A For GP (2015 A Levels)
Hi Mr Chan, I got B for GP and 83.75 RP . . . thank you for your help in GP!
— Zenn Png, Anderson Junior College
‘Hello Mr Chan, this is Qian Ying! I got a B for GP! Thanks for your guidance :)
— Tan Qian Ying, Anderson Junior College
Hi Mr Chan, just received A level results yesterday and quite glad to a achieve a B for GP thank you so much for everything
— Chew Tian Wei, Dunman High School
Hi Mr Chan, Wei Song here. Thank you very much for gp tuition. I got an A for GP!
— Ong Wei Song, Dunman High School
Hi Mr Chan, this is Kum Wai from Hwa Chong Institution here! I am glad to have made you proud as I have attained an A for GP! I cannot thank you enough.
— Chew Kum Wai, Hwa Chong Institution
Hi Mr Chan. Wai Yee here. I got B for GP. Thank you for your teaching and guidance!:)
— Kong Wai Yee, Hwa Chong Institution
Hi Mr Chan! Krystal here (: I’ve obtained a B for GP (: I’m really very very satisfied and am glad that I’ve made such an improvement at the right time and in the most crucial exam. For the past 2 years, I’ve not been able to achieve even a pass in my school’s exams which made me very worried before the ‘A’ Levels. Hence, I truly want to say THANK YOU for all your guidance and help in the past year that you have tutored me. Without which I would not have been able to make such an achievement. Thank you so much once again Mr Chan! (:
— Krystal Chia, Hwa Chong Institution
Mr Augustine Chan has greatly helped me in my General Paper as I see a vast improvement in my GP grade from S in my school prelim to an A in my A Levels. A really dedicated and experienced teacher, I highly recommend him to JC students who struggled with GP.
— Ng Jing Kang, Hwa Chong Institution
Mr Chan, thanks to your tutoring I have managed to secure an A for General Paper

Mr Chan’s tuition has been of immense help in boosting my GP grades from borderline Cs and Ds to finally an A for A Levels. His lessons are lively, engaging and content rich, with good coverage of general knowledge and current affairs. Mr Chan’s good sense of humor ensures that his lessons are never dull no matter how daunting the lesson’s contents are. He not only imparts valuable and insightful points and examples for specific topics but also how to express them in a clear and concise manner using his self-developed structures. This is useful for both essay writing and application-question writing, both of which I had been struggling in previously. Mr Chan also teaches us how to identify and address the requirements of questions (both essay and comprehension) allowing for a clear approach to the question no matter how lost we were initially.

I am very thankful and glad to have attended Mr Chan’s lessons and hope he will be of immense help to other future students too!
— Shawn Chan, Hwa Chong Institution
Mr Chan has helped me to develop the necessary skills in my essay writing and comprehension. My GP grade improved from an S in Prelims to a B in A Levels. Thank you, Mr Chan!
— Goh Yen Ther, Nanyang Junior College
Hello Mr Chan! I am Jing De from your tuition centre last year! Thank you very much for your support! I got an A for GP. I have also been accepted into the NUS University Scholar Program. Really grateful for your help.
— Koh Jing De, Nanyang Junior College
Hey Mr Chan! Javier here. I got an A for GP! Thanks for teaching me for the past year.
— Javier Lee, Pioneer Junior College
Hi Mr Chan, I got an A for GP! Thank you for your guidance the past year.
— Valerie Tan, Pioneer Junior College
Hi Mr Chan, this is Kaisah! I managed to get a B for GP and I would like to thank you for making that possible for me. I’ve never gotten above a D and my prelim grade was an E but through your help and guidance I made it and for that I’m really grateful. So thank you :)
— Kaisah, Temasek Junior College